hello! i go by niku on here, my pronouns are he/they, i am gay asf, and im the musician behind NiKU, alphaxdelta, and literally everyone else on NiKUTRAX.

i do music mainly as a hobby, art as well, and sometimes even make games. i do whatever.
my music has been featured on both my label NiKUTRAX (and the mysterious advance soundscape) and FAVICON.
i created this dumb lil blog back in 2018 i think, ive updated the hell out of it since, i wanted a nice lil customizable place to store all my things.


- i mainly prefer the name niku, ive been using it online since early 2013 or 2014 (got big on using it in 2016 i think)
- peyten is ok, i prefer people to avoid that name online. please only use that in real life. it kinda weirds me out when people on the internet use that name
yea uhhh niku is the only name i really like so please use that!! unless u wanna come up with the nickname for me thatd be cool!

my dumb interests

- im very interested in nintendo, specifically the gamecube - wii era, i find myself hacking nintendo consoles ALOT.
- any mario game is great, but i specifically enjoy galaxy the most, with sunshine taking 2nd place
- roblox, ive been playing since 2009 or 2010 as a guest, i didnt make my first account until 2011, and it got banned, my earliest active account goes back to 2013. ive been making games in it as well for years!
- DDR, ITG, Stepmania, or Mungyodance, arrow rhythm games are fun!
- bemani games, specifically beatmania and sound voltex. those games are so fun, to be honest i wish i could play them irl.
- makin music, specifically hardcore, breakcore, mashcore, drum and bass, etc.
- 100gecs, alice gas, reizoko cj, halley labs, kobaryo, s3rl, twikipedia, and t+pazolite make good music. thats just a few artists i listen too!
- i like minecraft kinda, not my biggest thing tho.
- splatoons cool as well, i dont like many shooter games but splatoon is an exception because it is very unique compared to most.
- animal crossing is cool! not my most favorite game but fun game to relax too.
- vinyls, cds, cassettes are cool. i only have somewhat of a cd collection for now but i plan on growing that very soon.
- m e n
- beastars
- adastra is cool, amicus is a comfort character of mine.
- slowly getting back into fnaf. mainly bc foxy is a huge comfort character for me.
- kirby is great!!
- taiko!!! love that game!
- tetris is cool!
- i love and live for undertale and deltarune
- the legend of zelda series is pretty cool!
- pokemon is fun!
- sonics really cool too!


i dont really know what to list beyond this point! hope you enjoyed reading this and got to learn a bit more about me :D