hi! welcome to my dumb roblox page. ive had a love for this silly little game for almost 10+ years now. this games taken up more then half my life. (almost 75% of it) ive been building games in roblox since i was very young. to be honest i quite miss old roblox. before it was just about building dumb little games
without worry of other games dominating the platform.

dont get me wrong, i still love new roblox. the newer games are great! so is the new UGC thing.
i have a special bit in my heart for old roblox however. i tend to find myself lurking back into old roblox games to this day still.
i miss when people used to LIVE on beach house roleplay, or those skating games.

anyways. ive been making roblox games for years! most of them we're really simple, and im not very experienced in LUA scripting, but i still
find myself designing things on the roblox studio program, and making entire games.

here you will find my appreciation for classic roblox, along with projects related to it ive been working on

i started playing roblox back in 2009 or 2010, back on my giant dell laptop running windows XP (and later vista)

i mainly played as a guest (RIP GUESTS) due to me having no clue how to make accounts back then.

i created my first account back in 2011, but sadly that account has been banned for some unknown reason.

my earliest and main account coolpeyten was created back in 2013.

i remember telling my friends about roblox as a kid. me and my best friend laila played this game RELIGIOUSLY together (aside from animal jam)

i remember going to her house and literally sneaking my dads laptop (the dell got stolen) and playing roblox together!

we used to make really crappy music videos back in 2013 as well, club nyonic was one game we played ALOT (sadly it doesnt exist anymore i dont think)

we still play roblox together to this day, and even make videos together on it!

i think my first ever roblox game was some roblox zombie game. it was really dumb and clunky, and thats what i love about it.

i do play finobe, but its not the same. theres rarely any people on it D:

i remember back then when robloxian 2.0 and the default body was the only type of character you'd see on roblox. we called robloxian 2.0 the "builders club body"

to be honest i wish i actually bought builders club. i never got it (ive had premium though) but i really want the badge along with all the variations of the hats.

i also miss tix. i wish roblox would at least give a free daily log-in or weekly gift of robux, to at least let people design their characters

i notice tons of people looking almost exactly the same, no variation anymore, due to roblox removing tix. some people dont want to purchase robux!

heres a list of some of my projects on roblox!

a super mario galaxy type game. essentially a chart obby but you can walk on certain surfaces, and gravity will change. i need a scripter to help me with this though TwT

nikus lgbt hangout + homestore
made this to earn robux, and bring back talking with friends on roblox. a fun little place i made to hangout and chat with people, despite nobody really joining it.

spongebob tycoon
me and laila kinda made this to troll kids,,, it didnt work out despite us buying a ton of robux and advertising the hell out of it for a video we never finished making. but it still exists if you want to play it.