Project Re:VOLVE is a rogue-like, bullet hell, and RPG hybrid that takes inspiration from games such as Touhou, UNDERTALE/DELTARUNE, Cave Story, and The MOTHER series.


this melody has been in my head forever, i finally decided to use it towards something.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry i havent posted here in a while)


here's what happens if you flirt with blaise a bunch during thier fight lol


an older clip i forgot to post. this is from a few weeks ago.


The Assassin's theme (wip)

this is SUPER unfinished, but it takes leimotifs from the game that came before this (SCDX) and re-incoprirates them here.



cas_ghost cas_ghost


(the birthday dog)



new trax 4 ya

cas_ghost cas_ghost
music for the sky islands (first area of chapter 1) + cas's home theme


omg its the day before my birthday heres some idea tracks.

still dont know if im going to use these, but i made these with the kirby soundfont
i spent like 3 hours trying to write some intense boss theme in the style of kirbys dreamland 3, but nothing could come to me.

//spoilers: i might use the first song for the scene where you get chased by the assassin though.

whats funny is both these tracks are in the exact same key, tempo, and project file. the second track was supposed to be another part to the fight theme, but almost everytime i use the kirby soundfont, i manage to make it somehow sound cute???



this sucks why cant i write a single good song for this game i hate music block ohmygod i just want it to be like scdx where i was making bangers left and right

3/2/22 (???)

an old melody i had written a while back for this game (back when it was called blue blood i think?)

i had written this as a face off between you and whatever character you team up with/your 'in-game companion' (in this case it would be Cas)

i have LOADS of routes for the game planned, and one taking inspiration from undertales genocide run, the VIOLENT route is a path you can go down in this game.
if you kill everyone, instead of facing off with the final boss, i wanted the player to face off against Cas. (even though when these we're written, Cas didn't exist yet lol.) i feel like Cas's themes might use this as a leimotif of some-sort.

im obviously gonna change tf out of that first one though. it sounds too much like penumbra phantasm from the homestuck soundtest.


too exhausted to be on the computer i wrote this midi in like 45 mins

a while back i came up with another boss thats some crazy theif and gambler. i wanna make their battle like a card game, while also using cards as their bullet projectiles.

i wrote this little melody for them. i might work on it tomorrow if i have the energy. schools got me drained x_x


while walking home today, i came up with an idea for three characters

two assassins (a bat one with giant ears that sucks at their job, the jackal one who's really good at being secret)

a jester like marx from kirby

and a psycho princess thats been locked away from the world all her life

this theme is the (unnamed) princess's battle theme ofc.


lil snippit from the game.

working on cutscenes :]]]


i think the ui for the battles is done..?? i'm still programming its functionality lol

oh, and i also changed that one part in the melody because it bothered me x_x

really happy seeing how this is turning out though!


same goes for the one i posted yesterday.


i dont know if i'll use this anywhere


this stupid menu took forever. ive been working on it for hours and its still barely finished aaAAAAAaaaa

i might change the main characters hair, i wanted customizeable characters but thats literally so much to program in so i may drop the idea

also the ui sounds are mostly placeholder sounds with the eartbound soundfont lol

im also thinking of redesigning the player character, i originally wanted to have customizable characters but that sounds like hell to program together across all scenes of the game.


new menu intro thing lol


some kind of stupid boss theme. i swear the melody for 'the one part' happened on accident.
im probably not gonna use this in game anywhere..????


the 'i just got news im being haunted by a thousand year old spirit monster thing but its ok hes chill' theme
the cavestory soundfont is so fun to mess with


i made a vocal synth out my voice recently and used that in this