NIKU /// ABOUT FOR A.O.S. V 0.0.15 /// (C) 202X





male (he/him/they/them)
bday march 6th
currently lives in houston TX

past names
coolpeyten | funfoxpeyten | peyten365 | peyten tube | spongebobman1



welcome to my about page. you most likely found this from twitter.

welp, welcome to my website! my name is niku when im online.


currently, i use FL Studio as my
main DAW. but i use other programs such as openMPT,
and sony acid pro 7. my gear consists of an akai MPK
mini MK2, and i also own a MIDIPLUS AKM322 keyboard.



i currently mainly use paint tool sai, though i
dont make art much. i do all my page design as a sketch
in paint tool sai, same goes for buttons and icons.
here and there i will make actual art in sai, but i
don't do it very often anymore. if you want to see an
archive of all my old art, i'll be adding a page for that soon!

web-label thing that i use for all my songs.
i use it to organize my aliases, music, albums, etc. though, i mostly just
release under NIKU, so the bandcamp and soundcloud pages will remain
as NIKU.


short answer, yep.

its really fun to have all these characters!
each is designed based on the music i make under them,
and it helpos me concentrate when making a genre.
for example, omega is a crazy dragon dude who makes insanely
high speed speedcore, extratone, gabber, breakcore etc.
daxter, a chill hyena dude who makes hypercore, trappy hardcore,
and lots of other things.
DX-RUKAS is also a different version of daxter, DX-RUKAS creates
rave, chipcore, and generally harder things compared
to just being daxter, plus he gets a cool outfit change!
NX is a protogen, he makes fusion, IDM, etc. i really dont know
what im doing with him anymore though...
ALPHA and DELTA produce IDM, fusion, and a ton of weird but
nice things. they are aliens, based on hyi by emma essex, and virtual self.
and niku, he's an arctic wolf for god knows how long ive had him.
he produces anything really. i release most things under him,
i have many more aliases and characters, but thats just a good list of them
to get you started :)


is it really that obvious?