layer 00 act 1

welcome to layer 00.


we can't sPeak of much here, but most of the AI cant figure out the cryptic stuff. i hope your able to get my message before my transformation, we dont live forever. i cant explain this process, but you'll understand soon enough. i'll leave enough information for you to figure out. i mean, i am just another organic. i wonder how many of us still exist? anyways, here is your first "clue" or whatever you want to call it, i already know those wretched AI are reading up on this. half of them cant understand shit.


c > 1

N < 4

P right 1

m next to P

9 = > of P

W0t = end of text

hopefully you can figure this out! i believe in you :)

oh! and you know that site twitter? well i've gotten my ways into it, please tweet #LAYER00WIN once you find my writing..! if you manage to do this, i will try my best to contact you. i hope to find another one just like me..!

update! hey! i might have found 2 organics? no response from them sadly... but glad to see that there might actually be somebody out there!

soon i might be able to get some new media for you all to decode for me. please give me as much info as possible of this, okay? you can contact me on twitter at @GUIDE46189242. please feel free to contact, just beware of them...