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WHATS NEW: im reworking this site again lol. also, please note that the SACRED CHASM game on this website is not to be confused with the one im currently developing. SACRED CHASM DX (SCDX) is a completely seperate game, and i will be posting more on it soon since its first phase is almost complete after 4 months of development! :)

hey! lots of things broke on my site. im working really hard to fix them, so be patient! sadly these are the only buttons available for now :(


Discord (best place to contact me!) Niku Wolf#1519

Telegram @nikuthewolf

Email (response may be slow, i rarely check my email.)

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please link your sites if you've made one! id love too see them!! you can do so by hitting the profile icon (lil person) and adding a link + photo :))