ABOUT // welcome to my blog! i go by niku on the internet. hope u enjoy ur stay here, heres a little bit of extra info on this page and who i am!
MUSIC // i make music in all kinds of genres! this link takes you to my bandcamp, where i do all my main releases, but if you want to go to my soundcloud for my audio dump, please click this link.
SOCIALS // places to find me, whether it be finding my dumb posts on twitter, my youtube accounts for music and videos, or my twitch for live streams. everythings right here.
CHARACTERS //sometimes i make entire webpages to my original characters.
COMMISSIONS //info on my commssions!
SUPPORT ME FINANCIALLY //almost all my work i do for free. if you would like to support me, please consider donating to my ko-fi!!
OTHER PAGES //i dont only work just on this site, i have other things like exodome or project alphaxdelta i manage and create!
2010 ROBLOX APPRECIATION + MY RBX PROJECTS //ive been on roblox for 10+ years, almost more then half my life. i love it. i make projects on it as well. go to this page to check that out and some appreciation to old roblox.
RESOURCES // original sample packs, project files, stems, you name it. feel free to go on here and download some samples for your music!
EXTRAS // extra stuff like programs i use, tools, etc
SOFTWARE // i sometimes make my own software out of pure bordem. feel free to use however you like

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NINTENDO SWITCH SW-3735-4886-4779

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i made this site when i was a massive lapfox wannabe lol. credits to emma essex, and the countless other neocities sites for most of the inspiration to this site